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I have a CDMA modem that I use to access the internet.

I'm having some network issue. When I browse outside the room, I am connected and everything's fine. but when I enter the room(which is 3 cm away) , I lose connection.

is there a way to capture the waves from outside the room and drive them inside the room ? maybe using an antenna ? or something else ?

is there any way to improve the connection inside when you know that connection's good 1 or 2 cm away ?

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As I understand them, your two options are:

  1. If your CDMA modem supports it, use an antenna outside the Faraday Cage you seem to be in.
  2. If your CDMA provider supports them, get a femto-cell inside the cage.
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Always give props to someone who knows what a Faraday Cage is. – mrdenny Aug 26 '09 at 20:03

We don't know the model of your CDMA modem, but an antenna will work great. I have bought a few for employees and they have helped out greatly with their aircard connection reliability.

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