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My Laptop is always running on the lowest fan speed for some obscure reason, I've download speedfan but i't can't control fan speed for unknown reason. I know that it can go into high speed because it does so just before window login screen.

I seriously need help, i'm runnin 75-80 celsius and i'm hitting the safe shutdown when I play games.

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Here is a workaround. Ensure that the laptop isnt sitting on something soft, like a bed or couch cushion. This will prevent proper cooling.

Addidionally, you could purchase a laptop cooling stand like this one:

THey are inexpensive and work well.

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I haven't fiddled with them, but fan control apps like this one seem fairly popular (apparently XP installed on a macbook commonly runs hotter than OS X, who knew?).

You may also wish to look into a BIOS update or settings to adjust the temperature/fan thresholds for your system.

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