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I am looking for command line backup tool for Mac OSX. The features I am looking for:

  • preferences for a backup are stored in a separate "profile" file so that one codebase can do more than one set of backups
  • versioning
  • backup destination can be locally attached drive, over ssh...
  • email notifications
  • automatic clean up of old backups
  • MySQL backup
  • will preserve Mac OSX metadata

    I have tried the following tools:

  • eloy

  • RubyGem Backup
  • mlbackup

If you know of any others please post the address and any experience you have had with them.

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rdiff-backup appears to meet most of your criteria.

  • 'Profile' is just a cron job (at command) that schedules the backup with source and destination strings
  • versioning, yup it's got that.
  • runs local or over ssh, yup it's got that.
  • email notification, part of the cron job, examples abound, google is your friend.
  • clean up can just be another scheduled job.
  • MySQL backup I dunno, never had a need for that.
  • Mac OSX metadata, Docs say it does. I don't run Mac OSX so you will have to verify on your own hardware.
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Can it, in addition, compress the backup on the server side? – Dror Mar 22 '12 at 12:50

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