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I have previously had dual installs of win7. 32bit / 64bit.

I have uninstalled / removed the harddrive that contained the 32bit now.

At startup I still get chose which Win7 you want to boot. Working one is seccond option, which is really annoying anyone know how I can fix / remove this?

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You can also do this via the msconfig utility.

alt text

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Windows 7 maintains loader entries in \bootmgr to modify this you can use bcdedit, a command line utility that is part of Windows 7. Small tutorial:

Modifying the Windows 7 boot loader

To remove the entry use:

Bcdedit /delete {boot loader identifier} 

Where the identifier is the entry you no longer need. Just run bcdedit alone to see the entries in the boot loader section.

As an alternative you could use EasyBCD from Neosmart. It's essentially a graphical version of bcdedit. version 2 can be found on the forums, once you have registered, however 1.7.2 works fine in Windows 7.

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