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IS there a better solution then what is offered here ?

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Unfortunately, you have to get the mail items into a format that Outlook understands (eml) You might take a look at this Mozillazine kb article, it lists various utilities for performing the conversion process.

In the past I had to do this for a customer and I used ImportExportTools which is listed on the aforementioned page, not great, not fast, but it worked.

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Thanks (.......) – Tal Galili Jul 2 '10 at 11:38

I tried this using Thunderbird 3, Outlook Express 6 and Outlook 2003, but I hope it can help anyone else who's reading this QA.

In Thunderbird:

  • CTRL+A to select all messages
  • right-click & Save As
  • save all the messages inside a folder (it saves as .eml files)

Open Outlook Express

  • drag all the eml files that you save earlier into Outlook Express

Open Outlook

  • click Import in the drop-down menu
  • choose Import from another program or file
  • choose Outlook Express
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