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Which is the best application to Sync two folders?

I am looking for recomendations of tools that I can use to sync folders and files.

And also, for it to run in the background when my PC starts if possible. Are there any other there? My platform is Windows 7 Professional.

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There's always Microsoft SyncToy. That's the download page, but it does list details of what the application can do.

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Check out SyncBack @ http://www.2brightsparks.com/downloads.html

You can have it schedule backups and it works very well. I use it everyday.

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Dropbox is by far the best file & folder synchronization utility out there.

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+1 Dropbox is awesome. –  Andrew Jul 2 '10 at 19:42

I have had great success with CopyTo Synchronizer http://www.kish-d.com/

It has a silent mode, lets you review changes, so you can do a diff, and is highly customizable with filters, ignore lists, date filters, and such.

There is a free trial and it is well worth the $15.

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SyncBreeze works very good for me


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The absolute best tool I have seen for this is Beyond Compare. I use it daily.

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