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I need to match the camera settings in Blender to the ones from a Cinema4D scene.

The main settings I need to apply to the Blender camera are: Focal Length, Aperture Width and Field Of View.

I'm guessing FOV (Field Of View) will be lens, but I have no clue how to set the other settings or how they would map to the Blender camera.

I also had a look at the Python API and lens seems to be the main thing.

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I think I found a solution: the K. G. Nyman's awesome BLenses script.

I entered the apperture width from Cinema4D. I know image aspect ratio should be 16:9 (~ 1.77777778) so I used that to calculate the apperture height. Then I pressed Calculate & Set Image A.R. and that returned the expected ratio. Lastly I pressed Calculate & Set FOV, which returned the exact FOV the Cinema4D camera had and that was it.

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