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I have a file with a VB macro that puts a TODAY() formula in a cell when I click a button. The formula is volatile and updates every time the sheet is calculated. Instead, I would like to lock the value so that it only shows the date on which the macro was executed. So, if I open the file tomorrow, it will be the same value. How can I do this?

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bAN is looking to prevent the Excel function =TODAY(), which is inserted into his sheet by a macro, from updating. Rather than =TODAY(), he's looking for a formula that will enter a date/time stamp and leave it. – Jared Harley Jul 30 '09 at 19:23
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Use the value property of the cell:

TheCell.Value = Date

Date = Today

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You'll have to go in and modify the VBA code in the Click event off the button. I'd create a second button if you want Today's date in the cell, and disable it from the first button.

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Quick way of doing this -

Select the cell and press Ctrl + ;

Another trick - Under the same conditions, if you want to insert the current time in HH: MM format:

Press Ctrl + : in the cell.

(FOR MAC: cmd + ;)

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The question asks how this is done inside a macro, not from the keyboard. – Chenmunka Feb 12 at 15:08

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