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I was trying to follow the answer @

Unfortunately, those instructions make absolutely no sense. First of all, There is no Start -> Search. Secondly, I don't have any option for advanced search. How the heck do I get those options?

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Start -> Start Search simply implies typing into the search bar when you hit the Start button. Then, when search results begin to appear, press Search everywhere.

At this point, a "Search Results" dialog will appear. From here, you can locate the button "Save Search" from the toolbar to save the search as a "Search Folder", which will always present the files within as results of the specified search query.

This goes for both Vista and Windows 7. I hope this clarifies.

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Here is a nice video tutorial for Windows 7 search. To improve the search capabilities of Windows 7 you can look into IFilters. I know you probably don't want third party software but you can always consider Everything. BTW I up voted Paul as his answer answers your question. These are merely suggestions.

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