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When I attempt to use the See Full Map function in Windows 7 Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center it always abends.

I really have no idea what the problem may be. I am sure this Windows network topology map function worked when I was using the Win 7 pre-release. However, now that I am using the retail RTM version of Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) I can no longer create a Network Map. My best guess from the (so-called) "help" provided is that a "device" (my router?) is incompatible with Microsoft's Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) protocol.

Below is a text diagram of my LAN. The error occurs even when the only system connected to the DIR-655 is my Win 7 desktop. This is why I suspect the DIR-655. But what could be wrong??

If a setting in my router is preventing LLTD from working I have no idea which it might be. Was hoping I might get a suggestion on what to start looking at.

                                Type of Connection
                                 [] coax
    ( Internet )                 | wired ethernet
      ( ISP )                    : wireless ethernet
      [Motorola SB5100 "Surfboard" cable modem]
          |  WAN
    + D-Link DIR-655 router, firmware v1.34NA, 2010/04/16 +
       |    LAN             |                   :
       |                    |                 Wi-Fi
       |                    |                   :
    [Win 7 64-bit] [Seagate Dockstar] [MacBook OS X 10.6.4]


I've tried resetting the DIR-655 to factory defaults, rebooting Windows, then trying to map my network. It failed in the same way. But at least now I have some confidence the problem is not a result of anything (obvious) which I did to the configuration.


For what's it's worth, this function works again. I do no know when it started working again. I do not know why it is working. But it is working now.

Is there a way to close a question as "No longer any point in pursuing?"

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+1 for use of the word "abend." – Jeff Shattock Jul 2 '10 at 23:31
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Have you tried a firmware update? Latest firmware is 1.34NA, dated 5-20-2010

That model supports LLTD

Also see this, problems with LLTD when using MAC filtering

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thanks for the LLTD assurance link :-). I thought it should work but it never hurts to have that confirmed. The firmware dated 5-20-2010 is the same as what I have installed. D-Link apparently used the date of the zip file on the web site. The firmware file inside the zip, DIR655A4_FW134NAb03.bin, is dated 2010/04/16. Maybe they gave it a month of beta testing? – irrational John Jul 2 '10 at 23:49
"Maybe they gave it a month of beta testing?" One would hope this is the reason, I hate it when softwware/hardware companies use their customers as beta testers on non beta products. – Moab Jul 4 '10 at 15:26

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