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Have been noticing a peculiar problem with OneNote 2010, first the one note page starts mysteriously panning the page that I have been currently working on, then it crashes and hence I shut it down, then if I try to re-open OneNote I get these errors:



This will only stop if I end the OneNote processes manually or if I restart my computer. After this when I re-open my OneNotes I lose the last 2-3 subpages that I working on, it shows that it has not synced but these are files on my computer and I have chosen for it to just work on this computer, any solutions to this? I'm tired of redoing work over and over again.

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Additional info: I am using the Bamboo Pen and Touch, and have installed the latest drivers for Windows 7 also have installed .netframework 3.5 sp1. Hopefully this has got nothing to do with the Pen tablet – rzlines Jul 3 '10 at 20:28

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