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In Microsoft Word is it possible to expand the selected comment area? Meaning that you've previously specified a comment but now want to expand the selection of that comment.

As an example to get the below comment to work I had to remove the comment and then add a new one. I would have rather just expanded the selection.

alt text

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I usually just copy the comment text to the clipboard, delete the comment and then create a new comment for the correct text.

The following macro automates this:

Sub enlarge_comment()
 'assumes that the current selection contains just one comment!
 Dim newrange As Range
 Set newrange = Selection.Range
 Selection.Comments(1).Range.Copy       'copy text of old comment
 Selection.Comments.Add Range:=newrange 'create new comment
 Selection.Paste                        'add text to new comment
 newrange.Comments(1).Delete            'delete old comment
End Sub

I use the clipboard to be sure that formatting of the comment (such as different fonts) do not get lost, but I haven't tested if there is an easier way. The result is this:

screenshot showing before/after of the macro

Of course you might want to add some kind of error handling; if there is more than one comment in the selected region then it will take whatever Word considers to be the first one. Also, your new selection need to completely contain the old selection; otherwise Selection.Comments is empty and Selection.Comments(1).Range.Copy fails.

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