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I had WinXP installed on my HDD, and everything was good.

Now for a particular project I needed to run Win 2008 server. So I got myself a new HDD, installed Win2008 on that, and everything works fine.

But I still want to get access to everything in my old WinXP environment. How do I convert my old environment, on the old HDD, into a virtual machine that I can run through Hyper-V?

Let me also say this: I would ideally like to be able to work directly on my original HDD, not on a copy. So if for whatever reason I decide to boot up into WinXP instead of Win2008, I will see any changes made while running the virtual machine reflected directly on the original WinXP installation.

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It is very difficult to transfer a working windows xp installation to a virtual machine. Specialised software are available from e.g. VMWare.

Note that VMWare player (and server) is free but workstation is not.

You can also consider VirtualBox (Free as in freedom and in beer)

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