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I have been running Windows 7 since release (almost) on an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 no problem. I recently upgraded to a Core 2 Quad 8300. When I tried to boot, Windows did not start and displayed a screen that said the installation was corrupt and could have been caused by a recent hardware change. So since it had been while anyway, I did a format and reinstall. Since doing this, I am unable to get Windows 7 to run on my machine.

It installs OK, but on the first time startup, I get a blank screen after the "Starting Windows..." display. My monitor then goes into stand-by (indicating no video signal). This has happened every time after multiple retried installs. If I try and boot in safe-mode, it tells me I cannot run first time setup in safe mode and just restarts.

The strange thing is, I can install my version of Windows Vista that I got with the computer originally just fine. That boots and works all well and good. I think that it is the hardware change that is the problem, but I have no idea why that would be or what I can do about it.

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Are you installing W7 while in Vista? or are you booting from the W7 DVD and doing a clean install? – Moab Jul 4 '10 at 15:32

If Vista runs fine on your system, there is no reason that 7 will not. There is a chance that some of the install files are damaged.

Try to install 7 (with the same CD) on other system if you can, just to make sure that his not the culprit (which I think he is)

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