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Started using 7 : nice of them to ask me if I want my files to be replaced/skipped/renamed but very poor implementation : is there a way to tell windows to immediately replace files on CRC match and only ask on CRC mismatch ? An option to log the replacements ? An option to rename the old file instead of the new one ? An option to customize the naming scheme ? An option to replace older/newer files only ?
A third party utility ?

EDIT : 3 years after and I actually haven't found an answer to this

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Sounds to me that what you're actually after is Teracopy, I know it does CRC checking, but I think it may do some of the other things your were asking for.

It can act as a direct replacement for the Windows Copy window if you want it to.


As it seems that you've experienced the limitations of TeraCopy I've found a few other alternatives:

Copywhiz is payware, but has some auto-renaming features that look like what you're asking for. Most of it's other features seem to match up with what you're wanting too, such as copying only new or modifed files and log file creation.

TotalCopy seems to be a rather simplistic replacement, mainly catering for poor connections with it's auto-pause and restart feature.

KillCopy appears to have a slightly better configuration set, but looks like it lacks the auto-renaming feature you want. I looks to be able to log the copy procedure.

SuperCopier looks a bit simple, but may have some of the features you require... at least the changelog reads "File collision handling improvement: it is now possible to rename and to overwrite only different files"

Other than that I'd recommend getting a copy of SyncBack Freeware Edition as it may have all of the features you require and can be set up to schedule the copies so that you know the files are always in sync.

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I have been using teracopy for years with XP - it is slower than the 7 copy machine I read - and anyway no - it is very annoyingly coded - custom rename options ? nope - you can't even choose to rename the older file. And the user interface sucks - on collision a very small fixed width win pops up and one has to always move a slider to see what collided. No undo option for cut (windows has that). The list goes on and on. See I know this app too well - any others ? Mind you it was the best I found for xp - I just hoped 7 would be decent - well... – Mr_and_Mrs_D Jul 4 '10 at 19:19
Added a bundle of other suggestions. Not tried them all, but they at least look reasonable as a starting point. – Mokubai Jul 5 '10 at 9:23
Thanks - I had tried many ones but they lacked basic features like drag and drop files to their GUI (SuperCopier FastCopy CopyHandler RichCopy - maybe changed in newer versions) - that's why I ended up with tera copy - I'll heck the ones you posted. Thanks :) – Mr_and_Mrs_D Jul 6 '10 at 14:51

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