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Whenever I am typing an hyperlink on outllok in a message body, outllok transform it automatically to a text like this one: {hyperlink:}

but when I am sending it, it sends it as a normal hyperlink

how can I rmeove this auto formattating by outlook?


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Hyperlink Problems? In your Outlook? – Jan 4 '11 at 21:34
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This happens when you have Word as the email editor and configured it to show Field Codes. To disable it:

Outlook/Word 2003 and previous:

While composing choose Tools > Options > Tab View > section Show and uncheck the option “Field codes”.

Outlook/Word 2007:

Press the Office logo in the left upper corner > Editor Options > Advanced > section “Display e-mail content” and uncheck the option “Show field codes instead of their values”.

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