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does free dual pane file manager for Mac OS X with tabs even exist?

I found muCommander but it doesn't have tabs.

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Duplicate? superuser.com/questions/138527/… –  ghoppe Jul 5 '10 at 15:38
@ghoppe: well, I read that question but it didn't answer what I wanted to know so I hoped I can get an answer with my new question –  Radek Jul 5 '10 at 23:16

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Newton Commander is open source (MIT license).

I have recently made NC open source and started preparing it for Mavericks. Originally I wanted to sell it. It's a huge project, something I cannot finish myself alone. Please consider contributing.

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I found it and it is Double Commander. There is only experimental port to OS X but it works well so far!

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TotalFinder is currently free, but version 1.0 will be $15.

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thank you for that. I'll give it a try. I missed the 'Add a dual-panel mode (like in good old Norton Commander)' when reading about TotalFinder the first time. –  Radek Jul 5 '10 at 23:14

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