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I've installed Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop i386 using "Install inside Windows" option. In the installation i dedicated 3GB for the root parition. Now i have a Windows 7 and a Ubuntu.

Currently, I need more space for the Ubuntu root parition (just 50MB freespace remained!). I realized the it is a simple 3GB file in the Windows and root parition is virtually in that file.

So it should be possible to increase the size of the root parition. But i cannot find any way for this.

I do not want to reinstall the my Ubuntu or add another partition. Is there any painless way to just increase the size of root parition?

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Try this section of the Wubi guide on the Ubuntu wiki.

The reason for adding a second disk (mounted on /home) rather than resizing the original one is that this allows you to do it while booted into Ubuntu from the original virtual disk.

Otherwise you'll need to boot from a live CD, increase the size of the file itself, and resize the file system to fill the space. I can explain further if you're interested in following this route, but using the utility mentioned on the wiki seems a lot easier.

Also, your root file system typically doesn't keep on growing, but home does, so having a separate virtual disk for home seems like a good idea.

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