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I just started to play with Blender's Video Sequence Editor.

I see I can add Image(static) and Movie. Can I add an Image Sequence ? If so how ?

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Old thread I know. Basically, you just select add an image and then select multiple images in the file selection dialog. Just right mouse click on the first file and drag over all the images you want to select. Usually its best to put all the image files in a separate directory first and just press 'a' to select them all. You can also specify a wildcard to select them in the field below the one that shows the directory. You can put something like 0*.jpg in there and press enter and it will select all the ones that match.

Once you press the select image button, it will give you a sequence to drag into place in the sequence editor. You can move around just like any other sequence.

This is how I typically animate. I render a bunch of stills and then animate the frames.

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