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Ubuntu Netbook Remix - Overview lists several packages that provide the functionally for Ubuntu Netbook Remix. I would like just the feature of having a window's decorations and title info to be displayed in the GNOME panel while that info and the border is removed from the window when in full screen. Adding the window-picker-applet to the panel adds the info to the panel but does not remove it from around the window.

How can I get the no longer needed border info removed from around the window? (without the complete Netbook Remix)

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Maximus is the program that strips the title bar off the windows in Ubuntu Netbook Remix.

To install it, and tell it not to maximize windows (if that bugs you) do this:

$ sudo apt-get install maximus
$ gconftool --type bool --set /apps/maximus/no_maximize true

You may also need to add an entry to your Startup Applications to launch Maximus when you log in.

(Tung Nguyen mentions tantalisingly that he achieved the same effect using a Metacity theme, but doesn't say how.)

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