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I am trying to construct a rounded corner with Illustrator. I know that there's a style/effect rounded corner, but I need to have 2-3 borders around the rectangle, all rounded, so, it's not that easy.

Take a look:

It looks horrible. Are there easier ways to accomplish this... and is there a way to define the position for an anchor (I am talking about those two subanchors that appear when u want smooth curves)?

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Overlay a copy of the shape over the one what forms your base, then use Alt + Shift and drag one of the corner transform boxes to shrink the top shape like so:

alt text

  1. Create shape 1
  2. Duplicate shape 1 and overlay the duplicate (shape 2) over shape 1
  3. Shrink the overlaying shape 2 by using Alt + Shift + drag transform box

Do the above as much as you need borders.

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Oh, of course. Thank you so much, you even take the time to make the pictures, I appreciate your efforts! – rFactor Jul 7 '10 at 17:20
@tower you are very welcome! =) It's all part of the service! ;) – BloodPhilia Jul 7 '10 at 17:31

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