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Is there a way to repackage Bazaar to include only the commandline tools (bzr.exe, etc.), similar to the non-Tortoise version of Mercurial? What are the minimum files needed, if possible?

If it already exists, though, where can we download it?

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Found this on the Bazaar Q&A site: Using Bazaar on Windows without Admin privileges

It provides a link to where a self-extracting archive can be downloaded (see the bzr-2.0.0-1-nonadmin.exe file). At the bare minimum, it allows use of the CLI tools for Bzr. Hopefully they put out something for v2.1.1, but this one will work for what I need.

At the Bazaar mailing-list, it was suggested that running the installer and zipping up the extracted files into a self-extracting archive should work. So far it seems to be working fine.

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