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In ZSH when I type history I'm only displayed the last 16 or so commands. I would like history to display all the existing commands in the history file.

When I look in my .zsh_history (my history file) I see all the 500 previous commands that should be there.

I looked in the man page, but I don't see anything that controls how many of the history items are listed. I also looked in my, env but don't see anything that could be controlling this.

Any help would be appreciated! thanks.

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history 1 (or history 1 -1) will display all entries from 1 (first entry) to -1 (last entry). You can also use history 1 100 to display the first 100 entries or history -100 -1 to display the last 100 etc.

For more information see the section on fc in man zshbuiltins. (history is equivalent to fc -l).

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