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I've usually got a lot of stuff on the go, including 10 or more screen sessions. I also have a lot of desktops set up. Sometimes I want to find a particular screen session among the many desktops. In general I only have one connection to a given screen session.

Getting the current desktop from a terminal session is readily accomplished with wmctrl -d, but the trick is to run that program from the desktop that I'm looking for. IE connecting to that screen session and then doing wmctrl -d will list as the current desktop the one that I'm connecting from; this is not very informative.

Since I usually have many tabs open in yakuake (possibly 10 or more of these at a time), it would be helpful to know which tab of that terminal program the screen session is running in.

screen instances that are not running in yakuake are usually located in the only tab of a roxterm window that's the only terminal window in its desktop.

Ideally I would just give the name of a screen session to get a list of the locations of windows containing connected instances.

It may also be relevant that my window manager is openbox.

Is there a way to find the desktop and/or terminal tabs of these screen instances?

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