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I use 37Signals' Campfire at work. And I'm on Windows 7.

Flare didn't work for me. It just keeps throwing errors at me.

So is there a good application to use with Campfire?

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Unfortunatly, according to 37signals site (campfirenow.com/extras), there seems to be only Flare for Windows. what errors do you have ? –  Riduidel Dec 30 '10 at 9:59

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According to the 37 Signals site (http://campfirenow.com/extras), Flare is the only Campfire app for Windows.

The only other alternative is to run Campfire in an application specific browser such as Mozilla Prism

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Sad but true. Honestly, this has been a real thorn in my side since our company adopted Campfire. Not having a widget bouncing or screaming at them means the developers tend to just ignore Campfire, thus mitigating the usefulness of having it there to begin with. –  feoh Feb 16 '12 at 20:16

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