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I'm trying to connect to my friends wireless network, but we don't know the password (ie. network/WEP/WPA key). The WLAN is secured by WPA2.

My friend's laptop with Windows 7 connects automatically to the WLAN. Is there a way to get the password from his laptop?

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WirelessKeyView from Nirsoft should do the trick.

However, AVG (antivirus) flags it up as spyware/adware. Not sure if it is or not but just thought you may like to know...

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It isn't spyware but is likely flagged as such because allowing this program to run on a coporate system can be a security vulnerability. –  ultrasawblade Aug 1 '11 at 18:22
This will work, but @Kaushik's answer doesn't require any extra tools. –  Grezzo Jan 26 at 9:43
@Grezzo I agree. Unfortunately I can't delete it since it has been accepted. –  James T Jan 26 at 13:03

Reference Here Here is some simple steps On your wifi-icon right click -> Open Network and Sharing Center -> from right tab chose Manage Wireless network -> a list of all devises will occur there . To whom you want to know the password right click on that and go to properties window and chose Security Tab and the Check the box of Show Characters. That is your password

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Better than the accepted answer!! Thanks! –  C-S Aug 8 '14 at 4:44
Very good and useful Kaushik! Thanks –  Pam Mar 23 at 19:18


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For some reason the "Show characters" box was disabled (ie. I couldn't click it). Perhaps I didn't have the privileges, although I believe it was an admin account. –  wlanwanna Jul 7 '10 at 8:59

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