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I have a single kernel with 2 menu entries in grub like following:

Boot(gfx) Boot(text)

First entry boot the fedora in graphical mode running the gnome. Second entry boot the fedora in text mode.

First thing is working fine but i want to know how to do the second thing. i added 3 at the end of second entry in syslinux.cfg and after booting it dropped me at console asking for login.

So how to autologin in runlevel 3 and start autostart an application(e.g python script)?

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The following solution is for Fedora 13, not test on other versions.

Open tty.conf in /etc/init/ and replace the following line

exec /sbin/mingetty $TTY


exec /sbin/mingetty --autologin root --noclear $TTY

The above change will do an autologin for you.

Now change the .bash_profile file and add entries to autostart your application, for example:

cd /MyApp

python MyAppStart.py

The solution is tested and working well.

Note: The above solution is not mine, a friend suggested it to me, So all credit goes to him. I am just posting here for the benefit of others.

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