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I started writing comments on some text in word 2010, and I wrote so many that they don't fit on the page. I want to convert them to footnotes so that they come out well in print. Is there any way to convert comments to footnotes without making footnotes one at a time?

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AFAIK there's no build-in functionality, but it's an easy task for a VBA macro (which i've found here):

    Sub comment2footnote()
      Application.ScreenUpdating = False
      Dim oDoc As Document, oComment As Comment
      Set oDoc = ActiveDocument
      For Each oComment In ActiveDocument.Comments
          oDoc.Footnotes.Add Range:=oComment.Scope, Text:=oComment.Range.Text
      Application.ScreenUpdating = True
    End Sub

This will insert footnotes for each comment, copying the comment's text and removing the comment afterwards.

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