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Just recently my iPhone stopped connecting to my home router.

It works elsewhere but is not connecting at home. My laptop connects, but not my iPhone any longer. When it asks me to choose a network - I select my home network and enter the password, and it then says "unable to join the network "alexander" which is the name of my home network.

When I tap the blue circle, there is no IP address or anything else entered on that page - but I don't know if there was ever anything there when it was working - as I had no reason to look there when it was working.

I know what the password is, as I have it written down, but I have also tried two other passwords - and it never says that it is an incorrect password, it just says unable to join the network.

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Did you change your home router setting? What is the router security setting? Did you successfully connect to your home router before? You may connect to your router setting page to check configuration, such as MAC address filtering is turn on so that you need to input MAC address for each device before make connection.

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Try telling it to forget that network, and then try joining it again. Maybe the iPhone is holding onto a stale setting somewhere.

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