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I hope I got a simple question right here for you:

I have a new USB Keyboard with some special keys like "Home, Calculator, Browser, Back Forwared, etc.". When i plug it into a PC with Windows 7 it runs without a configuration. But here is the problem.. Is there a possible configuration for it? It would be nice to use the Calculator Key for another programm for example.

Do you know a standard Windows tool or a freeware tool for this problem? Do you know the same thing for Windows XP?

Thank you for your help, Fake4d

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The best thing to do, is to install the software (from the CD that bundled with your keyboard) and then configure and customize all of the multimedia / internet key's as you wish.

If you still looking for 3rd party software, there are several good options:

*The first one is highly recommended.

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Thank you you two - I downloaded the official supporttool from Fujitsu. I really hoped to get and administration mask directly in Windows 7 - but its only some keys in the registry i guess. So far its okay ! Thanks! – Fake4d Jul 7 '10 at 9:16
No problem mate. If your having any problems with it - feel free to ask again! – Matan Eldan Jul 7 '10 at 9:33

You might find what you are looking for at the Microsoft Website:

Download IntelliType / IntelliPoint and etc.

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