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I wonder if it exists a web site that offers the possibility to surf on another web site (in a frame or something like that). The fact is that when you're hosting a web site, you are not always in a configuration to see the website as the "outside" people see it. I think there are some NAT or router issues that make you believe that everything is alright, but that's only just the case from a LAN point of view (and vice versa : the website seems to be broken because you're on the same LAN as the web server). The service would be like you're making a Terminal Service connexion to a host outside your LAN and surf from there on the webserver...

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Most anonymizers allow you to surf web sites through them.

There's, and a ton of others.

Bear in mind that this is a third party and you might leak sensitive data (like site admin passwords) that's being sent through it.

I think you could also use tor for the purpose of "seeing your own site from outside", the sensitive data concern applies there as well.

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