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I'm using rsync to do some backups to an external harddrive which is formated has FAT32 so I need to ignore files bigger than 4GB, I know I can use --max-size=4GB (actually I don't know if the 4GB part is correct) but I would like to keep a log of the ignored files.

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i don't think rsync can explicitly log ignored files, but I might be wrong. you could always run:

find /src/dir -type f -size +4G > /path/to/over4gb.log

then you could take that log file and pass it to rsync via --exclude-from ..eg:

rsync -av --exclude-from=/path/to/over4g.log /src/dir/ /dest/dir/

just to be safe for your fat32 partition you might cut the size down to 3.8gb.. put it in a script or run it all at once:

find /src/dir -type f -size +3896M > /path/to/over3.8g.log && rsync -av --exclude-from=/path/to/over3.8g.log /src/dir/ /dest/dir/
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