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I have a pair of bluetooth headphones that I've successfully paired with my Windows 7 64bit machine and audio plays through them without a hitch. On the Device Stage under the properties of the headphones in troubleshooting it shows "last connected" as "currently connected" even if I power cycle the headphones or after a reboot of my computer. So the Windows bluetooth stack has no trouble finding them.

The problem I have is that whenever the headphones reconnect to my pc they show up as disconnected in the Sound Settings and no sound is routed to them until I manually connect them. I have to go into Sound Settings, then from the Playback tab right click on the headphones and choose the Connect option.

Is there a way to make the Sound Settings connect automatically whenever the headphones are available to Windows?

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If you right click your volume/speaker icon by the clock and go to Playback Devices you could try setting them as the default playback device. That way, they should take over when they reconnect. I'll admit, even with Win7 I find the connect/reconnect situation doesn't exactly go smoothly at all times. I liken it to docking/undocking your laptop. Most of the time its pretty smooth. Occasionally not so much.

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This is the best solution I've found thus far but it's by no means ideal. There's still a delay as to when the headphones decide they want to connect however. –  MyItchyChin Feb 3 '11 at 15:23
I feel like that delay is pretty standard with bluetooth. My bluetooth mouse and keyboard both have a delay in activation after my computer has been off/untouched for a while. –  manyxcxi Feb 3 '11 at 17:16
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I have had the same problem with a Philips SHB4000. And setting it as the default device also does not help. As a workaround, I am removing the device and adding it back every time I want to use it. The same device is however able to connect to my tablet / phone without any problems. I think this is an issue with Windows 7.

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My headset gets automatically connected after turning on as long as I keep the "Bluetooth Device Control" window open. To get to that window: right click on the bluetooth icon in the tray -> Show Bluetooth Devices -> right click on your device -> Control.

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