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I want to send a mouse click on the place where the caret stands in Keynote editor. Is this possible?

I need this feature because Keynote requires the user to click a link with mouse. There is no keyboard shortcut for jumping to a link in Keynote.

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Keynote is exclusive to Mac OS. AutoHotkey is PC only. What operating system and presentation software are you using? – snitzr Jul 11 '10 at 3:58
I mean Keynote from Tranglos software. It is a hierarchical note editor software like Evernote or OneNote. – Mert Nuhoglu Jul 13 '10 at 6:56
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You can use the built-in variables A_CaretX and A_CaretY:

Click, %A_CaretX%, %A_CaretY%

If you mean the mouse cursor instead of the keyboard caret, you would use this:

MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos
Click, %xpos%, %ypos%

There is also ControlClick to send a mouseclick to a specific control (button, field etc.) but you probably don't need that.

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