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I got Lotus Notes 7.0.3 at my job and I miss the "format painter" to copy the style in my mails. Does it exist?

If not, the biggest problems I got are when I paste text form another program. The style is imported and I don't like that. I got to search for the "Default sans serif" font (witch is somewhere in the middle of the font list, another annoying thing).

Basically, I use "Default sans serif" for text and "Default Monospace" for code. Is there a way to put them at the top of the font list of to get a quick access to them, or maybe in a toolbar or something?

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I found there is a Style feature hidden in the Text menu. After even deeper searching, i found that you could edit those styles uneder the Text-text property menu.

So i deleted the default styles and created some that fit my requirement. After some try, i found that the is a assign to keyboard button where you got to check those style.

So I could now access those styles using the F11 key. There is also a button on the tool bar for that.

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Use this keyboard shortcut to apply basic style

Highlight the text to be reformatted, then hold Alt and press (sequentially) t y b (for text, style, basic)

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Note that the keys are for the English-language menus. In other languages, the keys may be different. – sleske Aug 6 '13 at 8:28

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