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I frequently conduct conference calls with 5–15 people in a large conference room, and 1–5 people on a conference line. Lately, in the summer with the AC blasting, no one can hear anything. I tried Skype and it was promising, I think at least partly because of their noise canceling. However, in a large conference room with 5–15 people, the microphone on my laptop doesn't seem to be sufficient. I'm thinking I need to buy one or more microphones or speakerphone systems to use with Skype. The ClearOne ChatAttach 160 looks promising, but I thought I'd ask here — can anyone recommend any good hardware solutions, either standalone or Mac-compatible?


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I ended up buying the Blue Yeti USB mic and using it with Skype — and it worked beautifully. I had 10 people in the room, 4 air conditioners blasting, and people speaking softly — and everyone could hear everyone else. Recommended!

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The CHATAttach 160 does look very promising, but you should check reviews on it before you buy.

Using a headset is recommended for Skype as well since it only focuses on your voice (it's the closest sound). I recommend this model:

This desk version is also recommended:,crid=103,contentid=10013

So just read reviews and you should be fine.

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