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Anyone know where I can find a copy of the manual for a IDE Syquest EZ135? My google-fu yields only the manual for the parallel-port version.

I'm specifically looking for where/how to set the master/slave jumper.

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Googling turns up a manual for some of their DOS utilities which explains:

This software is designed to support SyQuest IDE drives connected to a generic IDE adapter, a SyQuest SQ08 IDE controller, SyQuest EZ135 PP drives and SyQuest EZFlyer PP drives ...

At the end of this file, there is a short description of the jumpers on the SyQuest internal IDE drive.

So it sounds like this would apply to an IDE EX135. At the end:

Master/Slave jumper pins

This set of jumper pins is on one end of the jumper block and is marked as such. The drive is a master when a jumper is installed on the pins, slave otherwise.

You can connect one or two IDE drives to an IDE cable. If you have only one drive, it must be Master, if you have two, one must be master and the other must be slave.

System uses the master drive first. If you already have an IDE drive on the system, you need to find out how to configure it so that it will work with a slave SyQuest Drive.

All other sets must not be jumped.

Sounds pretty standard. Does this match what you see on the drive?

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It does, thank you. – David Mackintosh Jul 31 '09 at 12:15

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