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I have Windows 7 x64 running on an ASUS M50VM. The DVD drive works completely unreliably if not at all.

When I first got the machine it came with Windows XP and I upgraded it to Windows Vista X64 and the DVD drive worked fine.

When Windows 7 RC2 came out I tried it on a Virtual Machine and I liked it so much that I upgraded the machine to Win7 RC1. The DVD drive worked fine.

Of course, RC1 started spontaneously rebooting, so when Windows 7 was released I did a clean install of Windows 7. Just to clean install I mean I did a format of the hard drive and installed it from scratch.

Ever since then, the DVD drive mostly doesn't work. I can sometimes read from disk but that will often hang. (Please see my description below of hang for details). CD or DVD writes always fails with a hang (I have done a successful write only one time.)

Here is what I mean by hang:

  • Explorer Window is unresponsive.
  • Any software accessing the DVD drive is unresponsive.
  • The DVD tray will not eject.
  • Using a paper clip will eject but the disk is usually spinning real hard.
  • Attempting to shut down windows will fail. I have waited as long as ten minutes but the whole OS seems to hang. I do a hard shutdown.
  • Sometimes accessing the DVD (when it does not cause a hang) will still fail and the device will actually seem to disappear from the system until I reboot.

A couple of other things. It is not a hardware failure. It is the Windows OS. I know this because I swapped out my DVD drive with a friend with the same model...his machine is fine (he is still running Vista X64) and my machine still fails.

For what it is worth, I swapped out my primary disk with the INTEL 160GB SSD.


Here is what System Information shows about my DVD drive

Drive   D:  
Description CD-ROM Drive  
Media Loaded    No  
Media Type  DVD Writer  
Name    HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T50N ATA Device  
Manufacturer    (Standard CD-ROM drives)    
Status  OK  
Transfer Rate   -1.00 kbytes/sec  
SCSI Target ID  0  
PNP Device ID   IDE\CDROMHL-DT-ST_DVDRAM_GSA-T50N________________RR04____\5&2B5B7F1D&0&1.0.0  
Driver  c:\windows\system32\drivers\cdrom.sys (6.1.7600.16385, 144.00 KB (147,456 bytes), 7/13/2009 7:19 PM)   

Any ideas?

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For the is the model mentioned for the dvd drive in Device Manager. HL-DT-ST-DVDRAM GSA-T20N ATA Googling that shows problems but none for Windows 7. – Seth Spearman Jul 9 '10 at 0:24

Have you looked for a firmware update for the drive? Is it an OEM drive or a retail drive?

Have you tried this troubleshooter tool?


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It is an OEM drive. I have tried the troubleshooter but it finds no problems. Seth – Seth Spearman Jul 9 '10 at 0:25
What make and model PC did the drive come from? Some OEMs provide firmware upgrades. – Moab Jul 9 '10 at 13:37

I finally found the answer to this question.

The following URL explains the problem and I got my answer from the second to last post.

DVD Drive Wont Eject and Feezes Computer

ASUS Firmware Update that fixed it for me


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After long search I found HL-DT-ST-DVDRAM GSA-T20N firmware for Win7:

I hope it will help, because it's really difficult to find these drivers.

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