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I have been using iTunes on my Mac for 4 years now without any problems at all. Recently, however, the iTunes DJ function has started misbehaving.

Instead of showing the 5 previously played songs, and 15 upcoming songs randomly selected from the playlist I have defined in the settings, it instead shows the 5 previously played songs, plus many more than 15 upcoming songs. In addition, the upcoming songs are not from the playlist, they are from about 7 or so albums, in album order.

I have changed settings, change the source playlist, restarted iTunes, rebooted the machine. All with no change.

Does anybody have any idea how to get this working again?

Thanks, Dave

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I'm sure it doesn't matter anymore, but perhaps you accidentally highlighted a group of albums and selected "Add to iTunes DJ"? This adds them to the iTunes DJ playlist even beyond the 15 song limit.

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Stephen, thanks for the answer. You are right, it doesn't matter anymore. The library has been rebuilt at least once, and I have a new machine as well. It works as expected on it. I never did find out the problem. But I will keep your answer in mind should it ever come up again. – David Sykes Feb 17 '11 at 10:24

Go to iTunes DJ, select all songs and delete the songs, they only are deleted from the playlist and not from your machine.

After that, refresh it, iTunes DJ will work normally.

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Sandeep, thanks for the answer. Unfortunately I long ago rebuilt my iTunes library, which fixed the problem. If it happens again, I will keep your answer in mind. – David Sykes Aug 2 '11 at 5:52

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