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I want to remap "<" key in Autohotkey. But "<" symbol is a modifier symbol. Therefore Autohotkey doesn't remap it like a normal key:

CapsLock & <::Send {`&}

How to escape a modifier symbol in order to remap that key?

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By default in AutoHotkey it is the grave accent/backtick character `

You can set it to be any other character in your script, if you prefer. Full details here:


Actually, I think you have something else going on here. < is not a modifier -- at least not in this context. I just tried this and it worked fine for me:

CAPSLOCK & <::Msgbox,it works!
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Thanks for help. This is very weird. – Mert Nuhoglu Jul 10 '10 at 9:44
:*:\pw::xZy8p::13m ;where the colons in the password are escaped – zzapper Feb 7 '14 at 14:27

I guess, using different keyboard layouts might cause compatibility problems. so i suggest using SC56 (instead of <).

CapsLock & SC56::
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