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monoslideshow is a pretty nice flash slideshow player with many options. However it requires a separate license for each site. I am planning to integrate one in a CMS which will host many sites so the Monoslideshow's license scheme won't work for me.

Are there free or unlimited site license alternatives (less than $100) to Monoslideshow?

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Developer recently mentioned that he's working on a developer license. Waiting to see how much it will cost. – Tony_Henrich Sep 2 '09 at 20:02
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dfGallery works similarly to monoslideshow and SlideshowPro, but incredibly, it's FREE.

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You may want to look at AutoViewer. There is a free version that I have used in a couple of projects. The developer also has a few other related projects that may better fit with your needs.

Alternately, Google's Picasa can export selected images to a gallery - something that I've used on a few projects as well.

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You might look at SimpleViewer. There's a free version and a Pro version. The Pro version is more customizable and costs $45. As to the license:

SimpleViewer-Pro may be used to create an unlimited number of websites. Each purchase provides a single-user, single-workstation license.

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