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I am using a server where I need to login twice. The first time I login as my boxname and password. The 2nd login is 'root' so I can access the content of the box (I don't understand it but that hasn't stopped me from using it as normal).

Now I like a GUI so I can browse files easier and drag and drop multiple files instead of using the command line. WinSCP doesn't work as it locks up. I suspect it's because there is a prompt to log in again.

What can I use to drag & drop files?


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you can mount ssh location trough sshfs (both of them), and then just use any of GUI file manager.


For a shell based solution, you are going to have limited ability to interact with the filesystem with a mouse. Check out Midnight Commander.

Potentially mounting a SAMBA share in Windows if you are looking for a cross platform solution.

If you find a X11 solution, you could potentially use X forwarding to execute on the remote system but view on your workstation.

If you cannot figure out how to authenticate to the system, contact the support department of the ISP who provides the server.


Figure out a way to log in as root transparently, and the sftp-based gui tools (like WinSCP) will work again. Most windows ssh tools are putty-based, and you should be able to configure the getting root thing by giving putty a few unix commands to wrap the sftp command.


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