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I want to use Ctrl+Alt+y as a keybinding for Ctrl+Right.

^!y:: Send ^{Right}

In my keyboard, which is a Turkish F-keyboard, AltGr+y (or Ctrl+Alt+y) produces the accent character "`". Therefore, windows waits for the next key after pressing Ctrl+Alt+y to put the right accented character, such as áé.

Is there a way to disable the accented characters in order to stop the delay for Ctrl+Alt+key keybinding?

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I have the same on a Dutch computer: all ' and " are dead keys that wait for the next key. I hate that, so I have disabled this behaviour all together (I am not sure whether that is what you want). I use Autohotkey hotstrings to write all accents. For example, e// becomes é, e/\ becomes ê, c,, becomes ç, etc. (I could give you a list of my hotstrings if you like). If you want to disable this way of writing accents only for this one combination, and if your hotkey doesn't work, then I don't know how it could be done.

This is how to disable dead-key accents all at once:

  • In the control panel, go to Regional Settings/languages => Keyboards;

  • Then click "change keyboards";

  • Now check whether you also have English installed as a language.

    • If so, click the drop-down menu and change your language to English;

    • If not, first click Add... to add English (then pick an English or international keyboard lay-out); then change to English with the drop-down menu.

  • Now delete the Turkish language that is still in the list (you can add it back in at any time later).

  • Then reboot.

Note that the menus might be somewhat different on your computer (this is Win7 English).

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Thank you Cerberus for the explanation. This is a good solution. But unfortunately I cannot change my keyboard layout to English. – Mert Nuhoglu Feb 21 '11 at 7:22

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