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I have an Ubuntu Desktop 10.04 machine running smoothly.

I downloaded the Ubuntu Unity Netbook Edition just to try out the new UI.

And that thing runs very slow on my machine. Each click responds after 30 seconds.

Now if I restart the laptop, it logs on straight into Unity.

I want to know about some key-combination that would allow me to select the desktop environment before logon, so that I can log in into gnome again.

Thanks, Rishi.

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You can change the session type while login ... i had done this a long time back hence not remember the exact names ...but i think it was like ... when ubuntu ask for user name and password, there is a Session options link there, from that you can select the env. in which you wants to login.

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yea thats the screen i dont get to see.. in my OS i had set "do not ask for password on logon".. thus it takes me straight to the desktop.. I want to see the screen that you are telling me.. how do i get there ? – Hrishikesh Choudhari Jul 10 '10 at 16:15

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