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How can I go by setting up a scheduled task that will cancel a java console that outputs a heap error and then start it up again?

I need to restart my wowza service because of some java heap allocating memory error that seems to happen every night.

I tried few options but could not get it right.

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You can find any number of tools to kill processes, like pskill from sysinternals/Microsoft. Write a batch file that kills the process, waits until it's gone, then restarts it. Once that's working, create a new scheduled task that runs it at a set time, making sure it fires after the heap error is certain to have occurred. The trick will be to identify the process to kill. Ref:

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If it's an actual service, you can also do a

net stop <name of service>


net start <name of service>

PSkill is a great tool too.

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