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I have a problem with the mapping of the return key on a Fujitsu Siemens si2636 laptop. Though it is meant to be a standard return key it is mapped as a keypad return key. In Gnome or KDE this is not a problem but whenever I try to use xmonad, ratpoison or WMii where a lot of simple operations are done with <super+Return> I get nowhere as my return key returns the signal of a keypad return key.

I have tried remapping with xmodmap. I have tried to change the xmonad config file as to remap the "open new terminal" command to <super+keypadreturn> without success.

Is there a way I can remap the keys at boot-up before I load a window-manager?

Thank you in advance.

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Edit the hal config file under /usr/share/hal/fdi so that it maps your Enter key correctly.

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