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I just filled a form that the process did not finish I want to see if the data is stored in another place rather than history or not? NOTICE I don't have access to the site cus the proccess was not successful.

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Standard Web protocolls are stateless. Which means that when you open a site, close it, and then open it again, the server forgets who you are. Every time you see that an application knows who you are, it is achieved through heavy server-side programming.

The implication for you: the data may or may not have been saved, but this depends on the site itself. And there is no standard way to look it up; to do it, you'd have to know how the site saves data, and also to have access to their database.

So the easiest way is just to fill the form again, hoping that the programmers did their job well and the transaction was properly rolled back. If it is very important to find out, e.g. because you were making a money transaction, contact their web master/support and ask them.

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