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I have a mostly new install of Windows 2003 Standard Edition SP2, and I'm trying to share a folder on the network. The instructions here,, describe the steps I took to share the folder. It's pretty simple.

  • Go into the folder properties and enable sharing.
  • Make sure the correct users and groups are given permission to access the folder.
  • I also unchecked "Allow inheritable permissions from parent to propagate to this object" so I could fine tune the permissions.

Unfortunately I cannot access the share over the network. It simply says, "Windows cannot find '\'. Check the spelling and try again... etc."

When I try to access the share (\ from the 2k3 server itself, no contents are displayed. However, when I access \ everything shows up normally.

What have I done? Is there a setting somewhere that defines which address the file sharing will use to listen and is it set to localhost?


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If you have Access Based Enumeration that could do it with a weird mix of permissions. Try turning ABE off and see if that resolves it, if it is on.

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It was actually much simpler than that... Thanks for the response though! :) – Magicked Jul 12 '10 at 19:30
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It turns out to be a very simple solution. I did not bind the "File and Printer Sharing" to the network interface...

Embarrassing, yes.

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