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Wanted to switch my machine from Windows XP to Fedora Linux.

However we use Remote Desktop (to a Windows XP machine) at work.

Is there a way for Linux do Remote Desktop ?

Linux -> using Remote Desktop -> Windows XP machine

Thanks Michael

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There are several different RDP clients for GNU/Linux. I typically use grdesktop to remote into Windows machines. It's actually a GUI frontend for rdesktop.


I don't use Fedora, but I'm sure it has a package available for it.

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As I understood, you want to access your Fedora desktop from work, right? If so, you need VNC. Here is a tutorial how to configure it: http://www.g-loaded.eu/2005/11/10/configure-vnc-server-in-fedora/ . You will also need a VNC client for windows, there are a lot of them, I use http://tigervnc.org/ .

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