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After running a recovery on a new laptop (there were problems with the Turbo Boost and the manufacturer said running the recovery would solve them) I started getting a white screen in IE8 which had worked perfectly before the recovery.

I have:

  • run the SFC scan
  • uninstalled/reinstalled IE8
  • deleted history, cookies, cache
  • re-ran the recovery discs
  • etc

but nothing works.

Initially the screen just went white and couldn't be refreshed, the only option was to close the tab. But other times, when playing a game, the screen will refresh and restart the game.

If I turn off the anti-virus and spyware it seems to happen less but for obvious reasons that isn't a solution. I've tried 3 different (Norton, Trend and McAfee) anti-virus programs but it still happens.

It worked before the recovery with all the same software, including anti-virus, but now it won't. Also, I've updated the Flash and don't have this problem when using the Foxfire browser.

Any suggestions?

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I recommend switching to Firefox or Chrome -- frankly, that will likely be a lot easier than diagnosing the IE8 situation.

It'll also be faster and more secure!

So unless you have a specific reason to need IE8, I'd recommend switching browsers.

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